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In the Frankfurt am Main region, we develop software solutions in the areas of information management and educational software.

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Knowledge of Technology.

Management Experience

With 40+ years of management experience together, we combine our knowledge of technology and business consulting for creative and useful software solutions.

The future is today.

Valuable Partners

With strong partners we work to simplify and use the latest technology and realize ideas for tomorrow.

Flexible & Customizable.

Best Practices

We adapt all kinds of solutions, with creativity and quality. We use the best practices on projects control in the area of software development filling to the needs of our clients in real time.

Our Mission

Our reason for being is to work with passion to be able to connect everything that is apparently disconnected.

Julio y Humberto Dass System Solutions GmbH.



CompClip is the first information system that you have credit history, news and social media of the companies relevant to you. With more than 800,000 news a day and access to 240 million companies worldwide, we also have what interests you.

Verben mit Präpositionen

In German, some verbs are tied to their prepositions. There are no applicable rules for this. Therefore, there is no choice but to learn and memorize. Verbpräp is an application that teaches you to learn in 4 game variants. The texts accompany her in English, Spanish and Arabic. With this app we start our series for useful educational software.

Our Team

Nix Maxwell

Julio González

Founding Member

Julio appreciates simple solutions with high benefit.

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